has instructed students in his philosophic system since 1953. He has earned highest academic honors with awards from several of the most prominent honor societies and foundations, including Alpha Kappa Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, the Woodrow Wilson National Foundation, and the Ford Foundation. In addition, he has received some of the top national and international awards for outstanding academic and professional achievements in the United States, in Czechoslovakia, Germany, Hungary, Mali, Poland, Russia, Senegal, and Spain.

He is also a recognized expert in education who has been called on by the White House, the Departments of Health, Education and Welfare, universities and regional conferences to share his views on the directions of education. Dr. Williams has been nominated and selected by the State Department to offer his scholarly insight at a number of domestic and international seminars, conferences, and programs, including the UN Commemorative Programs in Europe, in which he offered lectures and policy analysis at Heidelberg University, Kiel University, Berlin University Research and Policy Institutes, and many other institutions.

Clarence L. Williams is widely known and respected. He is listed among "the best educators in the United States" today. His firm, Williams Academic Services, has long been called "the best full-service supplemental academic assistance and test preparation firm in this region."

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