Test scores and grades shape your child's sense of personal worth and influence how other people treat your child. Your child's test scores and school grades tell trained evaluators a lot about your child's level of academic knowledge, reasoning skills, essay-writing talents, intellectual perspectives, command of standard-formal language, attention to details, respect for standards of quality, sense of responsibility, degree of mental discipline, self-image, purpose and courage.

Your child will learn from a dedicated and well-qualified instructor with over 50 years of experience.

Your child will receive custom-tailored lessons, designed to meet her/his particular needs and to optimize his/her learning abilities.

Your child will have a wide array of options, giving you and your child the flexibility to balance all of your commitments.

Williams promptly prepares and enables students to consistently get very high test scores and top grades in academic subjects.

  • On the OLD 1600 scale: Clients have raised SAT I and SAT II scores 250-400 points. Many scored between 720-800 on SAT I Verbal and Math sections, and between 720-770 on SAT II Writing, History and Literature Tests.
  • On the NEW 2400 scale: Clients have averaged 710 points 800 on the Verbal Section, 740 points out of 800 on the Writing Section, and 700 points out of 800 on the Math Section.
  • Some 10th and 11th grade students have earned test scores that led them to direct admissions to the freshman year at fine colleges.
  • 97% of clients have scored between 720-800 points on graduate school admissions tests. Other clients have earned very high scores on the National Teachers Exams.
  • Elementary school clients have raised scores 45-60 percentile points and regularly score above the 94th percentile on ISEE, SSAT, ERB, COOP and several other "select schools tests." Several hundred clients in grades 5, 6, 7 have taken the SAT I and have scored well enough to be invited to the Johns Hopkins/CTY programs each year.
  • Many clients have raised academic course grades to "B" or "A" levels after 24 hours of supplemental instruction; they then continue to maintain or raise those grades.

Explore our website. Our success rates, student and parent testimonials, and lists of schools will give you an idea of who our students have been and how much they have gained.

Consider your child's needs and goals and discuss them with your child. Perhaps your child has a particular academic or personal objective that they need help reaching. Perhaps he/she has needs and goals beyond those that you have considered. Discuss the idea of personal tutoring to help him/her get the scores and grades that will open doors for him/her.

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